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NIS 43

Capable liveaboard open water cruiser racer rocket ship. The famed Laser Designer, Bruce Kirby has gone back to the sheet ply hull building concept of the NIS 18, 23, 26 and 29 and blown it out to 43 feet. The design, launched in South Carolina for the first time in early 2003 is a stayed ketch rigged rocket ship.
Comfortable extended coastal and with experienced crew and good preparation, open water passage making ability. Simple construction, sophisticated Cat Ketch design with all the Kirby magic. This design could also be available with twin rudders, and possibly yawl rig.

Brilliant self steering qualities, open water sea keeping and performance.

May become available with stayed yawl rig or unstayed rig option.

Fully battened Marconi Cat Ketch. Allow 4500 hours building time. Wide load transportable without escort on semi trailer to water.

Please Note!
The NIS43 Home Building Plans for experienced amateurs now available.

Metric measuring is now the Standard.  All the plans are now of the MK2 versions, except for the NIS 29, 31 and 43. These are now in revision.

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NIS 18 NIS 18 NIS 18
NIS 43 - Kit

Complete NIS 26 hull for ketch, epoxy sealed inside and out, glassed and Cop R Bote Anti Fouled ready for painting and fitting out.

Specs ft mm
LOA: - -
DWL: - -
Beam: - -
Draft, Board up: - -
Draft, Board Down: - -
Weight: -  
Ballast: -  
Sail Areas   sq m
Main: - -
Mizzen: - -
Total: - -

Outboard 9.9/15hp Short Shaft in cockpit well aft.


Folding Mast Tabernacle Option.
Cold Mold or Strip Plank Construction.
Plans Available for scratch build or as pre cut (from January 07) 'plywood only' kit; bulkheads, furniture, cockpit, cabin sides and cabin roof through to 'Everything you will ever need, including hard stand jinker' kit.

Indicative materials lists and build times. *

Plywood, 6mm, 8 sheets: 9mm, 15sheets: 12mm, 25 sheets: 18mm 12 Sheets.

Solid timber WRC 20x70mm 400metres;25x25mm metres; 25x25mm 250metres; 30x70mm. 280metres

Suggested Hours to Build: 3000

* Approximate data; varies depending on experience and individual work rates and care in material useage.
Strip Plank is strongly recommended, coved strips are NOT required because of the gentle curvature of the hull form.
Cold Molding is good but leaves too many stringers.

NIS 18 NIS 18

NIS 18 NIS 18

NIS 18 NIS 18

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Special Notice:

Metric measurements are now standard for Norwalk islands Sharpies.  Most American builders seem quite good at using Metric, it is apparently universal in American science.  
Full size template plans and instructions are included in all current models for optimum NACA Foil sections. 
As far as is practical, and with suitable consents, we will endeavor to put plans purchasers in contact with other owners and builders of Norwalk Islands Sharpies in their areas. 

All plans buyers now receive the new generic manual, and the new plans all include bulkhead shaping for the slightly radiused bottoms. 
Most plans buyers are also opting for the precut kits. especially in Australia and Europe.  We are working on an economical kit manufacturing arrangement in the US.